Friday, 6 July 2012

Switch Activity in BPEL 11g

Switch Activity in BPEL

This activity consists of an ordered list of one or more conditional branches defined in a case branch, followed optionally by an otherwise branch. The branches are considered in the order in which they appear. The first branch whose condition is true is taken and provides the activity performed for the switch. 

If no branch with a condition is taken, then the otherwise branch is taken. If the otherwise branch is not explicitly specified, then an otherwise branch with an empty activity is assumed to be available. The switch activity is complete when the activity of the selected branch completes.A switch activity differs in functionality from a flow activity. 

For example, a flow activity enables a process to gather two loan offers at the same time, but does not compare their values. To compare and make decisions on the values of the two offers, a switch activity is used. The first branch is executed if a defined condition (inside the case branch) is met. If it is not met, the otherwise branch is executed.

Note: This activity is replaced by the if activity in BPEL 2.0 projects.
shows a switch activity with the following defined branches.

Figure A-39 Switch Activity




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