Tuesday, 14 August 2012

osb interview questions answers

oracle osb interview questions

1.       What is a Proxy Service?
You can think of proxy services as the services published by OSB. Instead of your service clients calling the services directory, they call OSB proxy services instead.

2.       What are the different types of Pipelines?
Request and Response Pipeline.

3.       What is a Publish Table?
Use a publish table action to publish a message to Zero or more statically specified services.

4.       What is a Publish Node?
Use a publish action to identify a statically specified target service for a message and to configure how the message is packaged and sent to that service.

5.       Where does the Service Bus fit in the SOA landscape?

6.       How does OSB support REST?

7.        What are some of the major protocols that OSB supports?

8.       What is Dynamic Routing?

9.       In the context of OSB, what is a Pipeline?

10.    Describe OSB's role as a Message Broker?

11.    What is Message Enrichment?

12.    How does a Service Bus facilitate a loosely coupled architecture?

13.    What is a Routing Table?

14.    What do you know about Delivery Guarantee Types?

15.    What is meant by "Location Transparency"?

16.    What are Routing Nodes?



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