Friday, 6 July 2012

Sequence Activity in BPEL 11g

Sequence Activity in BPEL
This activity enables you to define a collection of activities to be performed in sequential order.

For example, you may want the following activities performed in a specific order:

·    A customer request is received in a receive activity.
·    The request is processed inside a flow activity that enables concurrent behavior.
·  A reply message with the final approval status of the request is sent back to the customer in a reply activity.

A sequence activity makes the assumption that the request can be processed in a reasonable amount of time, justifying the requirement that the invoker wait for a synchronous response (because this service is offered as a request-response operation).

When this assumption cannot be made, it is better to define the customer interaction as a pair of asynchronous message exchanges.

When you double-click the Sequence icon, the activity area shown in Figure A-36 appears. Drag and define appropriate activities inside the sequence activity.

Figure A-36 Sequence Activity




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