Friday, 6 July 2012

Receive Activity in BPEL 11g

Receive Activity in BPEL

This activity specifies the partner link from which to receive information and the port type and operation for the partner link to invoke. This activity waits for an asynchronous callback response message from a service, such as a loan application approver service. While the BPEL process is waiting, it is dehydrated (compressed and stored) until the callback message arrives. The contents of this response are stored in a response variable in the process.

The receive activity supports the bpelx:property extensions that facilitate the passing of properties through the SOAP header, and the obtaining of SOA runtime system properties for useful information such as tracking.compositeInstanceId and tracking.conversationId.

Figure A-26 shows the Receive dialog in BPEL 1.1. You can perform the following tasks:

·        Provide a meaningful name.
·        Select the partner link service for which to specify an operation.
·        Select the operation to be performed.
·    Automatically create a variable or select an existing variable in which to transport the callback response.

Figure A-26 Receive Dialog

In BPEL 2.0, the Receive dialog includes a Documentation tab and does not include a Skip Condition tab, Timeout tab, or Assertions tab.



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