Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oracle AIA ONLINE Training Hyderabad

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We are Providing Oracle AIA( Online) Training By Kumar, B.Tech, and Technical Lead in CMMI Level 5 Company with 7 years of middleware experience.

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1.      Oracle SOA,AIA,OSB new Batchs by Mr.Kumar.

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  1. Introduction to Oracle AIA
  1. Define SOA.
  2. Define SCA.
  3. Understand AIA with an example. Explain advantages of using AIA.
  4. Application Business.
  1. Concepts of AIA
  1. About Enterprise Business Objects.
  2. About Enterprise Business Message.
  3. About Enterprise Business Services.
  4. About ABCS.
  5. About EBF.
  6. About AIA Artifacts.
  7. Explain about how to create MDS connection in JDeveloper to access AIA Artifacts.
  1. Foundation Pack Installation
  1. Web logic Server Installation.
  2. SOA server Installation.
  3. Foundation Pack Installation.
  4. About AIA install properties File.
  5. About AIA Components.
  1. Message Exchange Patterns
  1. Synchronous Request-Response.
  2. Asynchronous Request Only (Fire and Forget).
  3. Asynchronous Request Response.
  1. Developing an Integration Flow
  1. EBM Message Structure.
  2. About Service Constructor.
  3. Understand and identify a scenario to develop Synchronous Request-Response Scenario.
  4. Identify when to use web services, JMS Queues and JCA Adapters.
  5. Versioning AIA Services.
  6. Develop Provider ABCs using Service Constructor.
  7. Develop Transformations.
  8. Develop Enterprise Business Service.
  9. Develop Requester ABCs using Service Constructor.
  10. About AIA Configuration Properties File.
  11. Updating the Metadata Store.
  12. Identify a scenario and develop Asynchronous Flow.
  1. Fault Handling
  1. Error Handling in AIA.
  2. AIA Logging.
  3. Default Fault Policies in AIA.
  4. Explain about how the fault handling works in Synchronous Process.
  5. Explain how the fault handling works in Asynchronous Callback Process.
  1. Extension Points in ABCs
  1. Identifying and Defining extension points for an ABCs.
  2. Define Extension Abstract and Concrete WSDLs.
  3. AIA mirror Servlet.
  1. Security
  1. Security in AIA.
  2. About the credential Store.
  3. Attaching Policies to Services.
  4. Attaching Policies to Clients.
  5. About AIA Security Configuration File.
  1. Transactions
  1. Identify the Transaction Considerations in AIA Layer.
  2. About Transaction Boundaries.
  3. How to Implement Global Transactions.
  4. How to Implement Transactions in Synchronous Message Exchange Pattern.
  5. How to Implement Transactions in Asynchronous Message Exchange Pattern.
  1. Composite Application Validation System(CAVS)
  1. CAVS Usage.
  2. How to create Test Definitions.
  3. How to create Simulator Definitions.
  4. How to enable CAVS in Services.
  1. Life Cycle
  1. Creating Annotations
  2. Harvesting AIA Services using AIA Harvester Tool.
  3. Generating Bills of Material (BOM).
  4. Generating Deployment Plan.
  5. Installation and Deployment.



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