Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tibco Interview Faqs


26.What are the uses of grouping activities ?

Uses of grouping activities are:
  • Create a set of activities having a common error transition.
  • Repeat group of activities based on a condition.
1.     - Iterate over a list.
2.     - Repeat until condition true.
3.     - Repeat on Error until condition true.
  • Group activities into a transaction.
  • To create a critical section area that synchronizes process instances.
  • A 'Pick First Group' allows you to wait for the occurence of multiple events and proceed along a path following the first event to occur.
27.What is the purpose of a Lock shared configuration resource?

A Lock is specified for a 'Critical Section' group when the scope is 'Multiple'. It can be used to ensure synchronization across process instances belonging to multiple processs definitions or for process instances across engines(Check multi engine flag for lock in this case and the BW engine needs to be configured with database persistence while deployment). If synchronization is for process instances belonging to the same processs definition inside one engine, just specify the scope as 'Single'.

28.How to control the sequence of execution of process instances created by a process starter ?

Use the sequencing key field in the Misc tab of any process starter. Process instances with the same value for this field are executed in the sequence in which they are started.

29.Can there be two error transitions out of an activity ?

No. There can be only one Error and one Success if no matching condition transition out of each activity.

30.When is a 'No Action' group used ?

'No Action' group used to have a set of activities having a common error transition

31.What activity can be used to set the value of a 'User defined process variable' ?

The 'Assign' activity can be used to set the value of a 'User defined process variable'.

32.Which are the two process variables available to all activities with inputs ?
  • $_globalVariables
  • $_processContext
33.Which mechanism can be used to pass data between a process instance and a called sub process other than mapping from/to the callee's input/output ?

This can be accomplished using job shared variables, unless in the call process activity the 'Spawn' flag is enabled in which case the called sub process is a new job and hence gets a fresh copy of the job shared variable initialized as per its configuration. A shared variable can overcome this limitation as it's scope is not limited to one job.

34.What are the three scenarios where BW engine has to be configured with database persistence instead of Local File ?

The three scenarios are:
  • Shared Variables across BW engines.
  • Locking across groups in multiple BW engines.
  • Wait Notify across BW engines.
35.If you want a group to be executed if there is some unhandled error but subject to some max number of iterations which group do you use ?

We can use Repeat on Error until true

36.When is a 'Generate Error' activity useful?

When you handle an error inside a called subprocess or group and want to rethrow the error to the caller(happens by default if you dont handle the error in the called process)

37.Which activity is used for detecting duplicate message processing?

CheckPoint activity - Specify the uniqueID for the duplicate key field and engine maintains list of these key fields. When a process come to checkpoint activity with the same value for duplicate key which already exists, it throws a DuplicateException. An error transition can then handle this case.

38.Give an example where graceful migration of service from one machine to another is not possible.

HTTP Receiver. In this case the receiver on new machine starts listening on the same port, but you need to redirect requests from the old machine to the new one.

39.What are the types of adapter services ?

Types of adapter services are :
  • Subscriber Service
  • Publisher Service
  • Request-Response Service
  • Request-Response Invocation Service
40.If the business process needs to invoke another web service which resource do you use ?

SOAP request reply activity. If the business process needs to be exposed as SOAP service use SOAP Event Source in conjunction with SOAP Send Reply or SOAP Send Fault.



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