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AIX Interview Questions

AIX Faqs-->3

141. Can we preserve /var file system in preservation installation?

Ans:    By default it removes /var files system. However by specifying in /etc/preserve.list we can retain the /var filesystem .

142. If you confirmed rootvg is completely crashed and no backup is available what are the actions to be performed?

Ans:    Reinstall OS, apply the required ML level and install /configure all apllications. Import all volume groups.

143. How to create a user using command prompt by specific home directory?

Ans:    #mkuser -a /xxxx/user1 user1

144. What is zombie process?

Ans:    It is dead process but it shows in the process list

145. What are LVM components?

Ans:     Explained all components like PPs, LPs, etc.

146. What is command to create LV?

Ans:    # mklv  -t type  -y  lv_name  vg_name  no.of PPs   pvname

147. How to create a Vg?

Ans:    mkvg -y vgname  pvname1 pvanme2

148. What is the path for sulog?

Ans:    /var/adm/sulog

149. What is path for wtmp?

Ans:    /var/adm/wtmp

150. What is the path for failedlogin?

Ans     /etc/security/failedlogin

151. What makes difference when you su with - and without - ?

ANs:   With - env variable will set for newly switched user.

152. What are env variables?

Ans:    PATH, TZ, PWD, SHELL, EDITOR, etc.

153. What component we can not install once installation is carried out?

Ans:    TCB

154. How will you check whether TCB is installed or not?

Ans:    /usr/bin/tcbck

155. How will you list applied S/W?

Ans:    lslpp -l | gerp apllied

156. What is difference between applied state and committed state installation?

ANs    Applied state - Can be committed of rejected
         Committed state- Can not be rejected.

157. What is the difference between backup and archive?

Ans:    Backup: Performs regularly and recycle the media periodically.
          Archive: For preserving data for longer times and media should have good quality for preserving data and less seek time is required for data retrieval on need basis.

158. How to kill a process?

Ans:    By confirming the process whether it controlled by SRC or Init, if it is init use kill command of if it is by SRC use stopsrc.

159. What is shell?

Ans     Command intrepeter.

160. How to check ML version?

Ans:    # oslevel -r

161. If the system had ML version 7 and rootvg is courrpted and needs to restore mksysb. 
But mksysb backup was taken with ML5 How to go about?

Ans:     Restore mksysb and update new ML version with 7.

162. What is stickybit can we set it for file?

Ans:    To prevent deletion of each other files of users who had common directory?
          Stickybit set for a file is no use.

163. What is the purpose of chmod?

Ans     To assign file/directory permissions for user/group/others

164. How will you check the attributes of a user?

Ans:    lsuser

165. How will you prevent user form logging remote?

ANs    # chuser -a rlogin=false username

166. If the uptime file is corrupted how will you see the server uptime?

Ans:    # who -b

167. What is the difference between differential and incremental backup?

Ans:    Differential backup will take the backup of the data modified w.r.t to its previous full backup whereas incremental backup will take the backup of modified data w.r.t its previous backup.

168. How do you add pv in shared vg?

Ans.    Explain detailed procedure.

169. What is the significance of 9 with kill command?

Ans:    It surly kills the process and will not save any

170. How will you list the specific attributes of a user?

Ans: lsuser -a id home username

171. How will u see the version and ML of AIX?

Ans: oslevel –r for version and instfix –ik |grep ML for ML

172. How will u check the errors during booting?

Ans: alog command

173. How will u check the errors after booting?

Ans: errpt command

174. Detailed information about NFS?

Ans: Explain about NFS and the daemons at server and client

175. What is LVM?

Ans. Logical Volume manager- explained its advantages and all of its components.

176. What is the parameter used for inodes while creating filesystem?

Ans: nbpi

177. Explain the installation procedure for installing AIX?

Ans. Explained the complete installation procedure and narrated type os installation

178. How to repair a file system?

Ans.  Fsck and logform

179. What is super block?

Ans: First block of every file system which contains meta data of the file system and its alternate block is 31.



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